Is It Important to Insure Your Engagement Ring

You've planned everything to the last detail. You know her like a book and you think you have the perfect engagement ring all picked out, You've even found that special ring for a great bargin. You have even planned how you will propose to her, it's going to be a wonderful proposal. What could ever go wrong, right? Truth is, lot's can go wrong. Being prepared for anything is the best course of action, that's why you should consider purchasing insurance for that engagement ring.

Your ring to your bride-to-be will represent your love and commentment to her and she will cherish it forever.

You can protect the ring's value by purchasing insurance from your indepentant insurance agent. Your renters or homeowners insurance policies generally will provide some coverage for your new ring but will probably have a limit which may not be nearly enough to replace your new ring. Be sure to ask your company or agent what thier limits are for this coverage. Another option to ask your agent about is scheduled personal property coverage which generally can be endorsed to your renters or homeowners insurance policy. This coverage can insure your items for the appraised value of your new ring. Be sure to ask your independent insurance agent or company about this coverage.

Be sure to have your ring apprasied by a graduate gemologist. They will give you documetation of the ring's value so you can be sure you are covered. Receipts can sometimes also be used for this, be sure to check with your insurance agent.

Coverage for your jewelry items should cost generally $1 to $2 per every $100 of insured value so a $5,000 ring should cost $50 to $100 per year.