Rumblings Under Foot

Earthquakes in Kansas, you have to be kidding!

Just a few years ago most Kansas had never felt the ground rumble, this is not the case today, it seems to be a daily occurrence.  The question is, should you buy earthquake coverage to protect your home from possible damage from an earthquake?
At SPI Steve Pore Insurance Agency, we can protect your Kansas property with earthquake coverage. We realize that earthquake insurance is necessary in Kansas, so we will shop multiple companies to find the policy best suited to your needs.

Owning a home in Kansas, it is important to protect your property from any damage that may occur as a result of an earthquake. Damage from an earthquake can result in thousands of dollars in damage & most homeowner's policies don't cover earthquake damage. At SPI Steve Pore Insurance Agency, we can find the right combination of coverage and price.

We offer many coverages for your Kansas earthquake insurance policy including:
Home coverage - covering damage to your home
Personal property - if your possessions are damaged in the event of an earthquake
And more...
Let one of our Kansas earthquake specialists shop our many earthquake insurance companies to find you the right policy - just fill out our short quote form or call us at (316) 773-9710, and we'll contact you shortly.