There's Still Time to Check your list for winter driving!

The weather has finally turned to winter and it is cold outside!!!!


Make sure that you are protected against the cold as well as the law. Here are a few tips from Kansas Insurance Commssioner Ken Selzer, CPA.

  •  Confirm your insurance is active and premiums are paid. Have a current copy of your insurance card in your vehicle.
  • Select liability limits that are right for your financial circumstances. If you find yourself at-fault in an accident and have insufficient liability coverages, your personal assets are at risk for paying the remaining financial obligation.
  • If you rent a vehicle for a trip, check with your insurance agent to see if your policy includes coverage. Also, make sure your don't duplicate benefits from your own policy if you decide to get rental insurance. A quick call to your agent should help determine that.
  • Verify that your homeowners or renters insurance covers the theft of personal items that may be stolen from your vehicle, especially if you are planning to haul more expensive items. Many people believe that vehicle insurance covers replacement of stolen items from their vehicle. but that useally is not the case.
  • Know if your policy includes roadside assitance, such as towing, fuel delivery, lockout sercice and jump-starts.

Once your insurance matters are set, the next step includes making sure your vehicle is ready for winter driving. Here are some useful tips for your trip weather short or long, you should be prepared.

  • Have a fully charged cell phone--and pack your vehicle phone-charging units for your car and standard electrical outlets.
  • Make sure your have an emergency kit for long trips. Include a first-aid kit, batteries, flashlight, drinking water, snacks, jumper cables, ice scrapers, tissues and towels, a tow rope, extra clothing and blankets.
  • Check your battery and tires. Keep your gas tank at least half full all the time.
  • Check your wipers. Nothing can be more dangerous or aggravating than having faulty wipers during bad weather.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, is protecting your family.  Protecting them and their insurance needs should be a part of your winter preparations as well. Top considerations for family discussions about insurance matters should include:

  • Make sure, for those young and old, that important insurance and legal papers are in a secure place that more than one person knows about.
  • Assess personal insurance needs for yourself and your family.  Needs for older adults, for example, could be much different from those of a child or grandchild.
  • Make sure you know what health insurance coverage you and your family have. What are your deductibles and co-pays?
  • Plan your expenses for insurance premiums, Chart your premiums and their due dates on a 2018 calender.
  • During this winter season of giving, be sure you know the recipients of your financial gifts. Unfortunatly, scams abound during this time of year, and the spirit of the season is often the reason that people get taken.

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