What Is General Liability Insurance?

What Is General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance

General liabilty insurance covers common risks that arise from interactions with individuals outside of your company. This would include protection against damage to a customers property and/or an injury to a customer that your business might be responsible for.

General liability insurance provides coverage for common risks and losses that small businesses face such as if a customer is injured by your actions or on your property, it would also cover damage to a customer or another person's property.

Will your small business need general liability insurance?

Most companies small and large need this insurance and if you rent your space most landlords will require that you have this coverage.

If you work directly with your customers or clients you should have a general liability policy as it would help protect you from most types of lawsuits brought against your company which could save you from financial ruin.

It is best that any business that is new buy a general liability policy as it may be difficult to do so at a later time due to possible prior occurences that could result in a possible lawsuit against your company.

General Liability Insurance provides coverage for:

  • Third party bodily injury
  • Third party property damage
  • Product liability
  • Advertising injuries

Third-party bodily injury claims

Slip and fall claims can happen anytime and anywhere but if it is on your premises you can be held responsible. a general liability policy could help pay the medical bills. In addition, it would also help cover legal expenses if the injured person then sued you over their injury.

Third-party property damage

Your general liability policy will cover your customers' property if it is damaged by your business while on their property.

Product liability

If a business manufactures, distributes or sells a product, it can be held responsible for harm or injury and even death that its products might have caused to people or property.

Advertising injuries, libel, slander and copyright

If a business owner or employee is sued for libel, slander or copyright infringement a general liability insurance policy can help cover the legal expenses associated with being sued.

General liability insurance coverage is something that most businesses simply must have.

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